How to Wear Cocktail Rings Elegantly

A cocktail ring is a ring which is large in size and sensational in style. In earlier times, cocktail rings were generally worn at cocktail parties hence they were named cocktail rings. These days, cocktail rings aren’t just restricted to cocktail parties but can be worn to a wide range of formal events as well as casual events signifying its growing popularity as statement piece of jewelry.

Since earlier days, cocktail rings utilized exquisite stones and diamonds. Most cocktail rings today are made with artificial stones because the trouble and cost of acquiring real valuable stones so large in size, prove to be ridiculously high and at times impractical.

Cocktail Ring Right Hand

Cocktail Rings. Image Courtesy: Benzerworld

The right-hand ring finger is frequently chosen to flaunt cocktail rings since the ring finger of left hand is reserved for engagement rings or wedding bands. Cocktail rings may occasionally be worn on the forefinger too. Since these rings are eye catching and likely to draw a lot of attention, it is in the interest of the wearer to have her hands manicured to a presentable state before slipping a cocktail rings into her fingers.Cocktail rings are generally worn with knee-length dresses, but they can also look brilliant when teamed up with long skirts and dark colored dresses.

Those searching for a perfect ring to go with their outfit can choose from a wide range of cocktail rings. Here are some popular styles of cocktail rings:


  • Gemstone Cocktail Rings: Gemstone cocktail rings either flaunt one big gemstone or are made by clustering many small gemstones. The gemstones used are usually exclusive and assorted ones. Such rings are quite attractive and look good on every hand and all skin colors.
  • Floral Cocktail Rings: Floral cocktail rings have big flowers carved out of metal with gemstones added to accentuate the floral effect and up the style quotient. They are usually worn at evening parties and social events where the ladies are required to flaunt their love for everything feminine.
Cocktail Rings

A Floral Vilandi Cocktail Ring in Gold Plating


  • Abstract Cocktail Rings: Abstract cocktail rings are exactly what they claim to be-abstract. They come in no particular shape which is why they can be made into eye-catching dramatic styles. Since they lack a definite form and do not adhere to set rules, they can be easily teamed up with any attire.
  • Novelty Cocktail Rings: Novelty cocktail rings feature a prominent shape like that of an animal or insect.Such engravings can embolden the ring and give it a funky look. This is the reason why novelty cocktail rings are famous with  youngsters and fashionistas alike.
Novelty Cocktail Rings

Novelty Cocktail Rings with Animal Shape



  • Estate Cocktail Rings:  These Cocktail Rings are exquisite jewelry pieces made with precious metal and stones. They are a symbol of the family heirloom and are passed on from one generation to another. They are supposed to be felt royal and are usually worn at high-end socialite events.

Cocktail rings are statement pieces of jewelry. You can get to browse an awesome collection of wedding cocktail rings at Getting cocktail rings wrong can mar the whole look of the wearer. Since they are big in size they have the capacity to draw immediate attention. Adding another jewelry piece to your attire besides cocktail rings can result into over accessorizing. So make sure that you wear your cocktail rings in a manner which helps you to garner just the right amount of attention and eliminate the unnecessary garishness.Glamorize your party wear with these unconventional cocktail rings which are genuinely extravagant yet fascinating.



Outdoor Travel Apparel for Men

Outdoor Adventure can be joyous if you are going through an exhilarating schedule, be it with the work or running errands taking care of the family. Everyone needs a break from their daily chores. One of the important phases comes is planning for the apparel to be carried for the trip. Without properly planned clothes, you will be carrying around all the baggage without appearing stylish and this is a position you would never want to put yourself into.

Travel Clothing is confusing in that you have to pack twice the number of clothes because half your outfits are stylish, and half of them are functional. You constantly dread other travelers judging you. In particular, men are the ones in a dilemma as to what to pack and what not. Getting to know about a comprehensive list about the apparel you need to carry makes sense. When compiling the optimal travel wardrobe, keep these fashion pieces in mind.

Outdoor Travel Apparel

Outdoor Travel Apparel

Light Comfortable Clothes:

You need not wear all that leather suits and dress when you are on vacations but comfortable clothes can weigh much in terms of style quotient. Cotton Tees with minimal texture along with comfortable shorts can do wonders for the style factor.

Classy Knee-Lengthers:

All those shorts, Bermudas or Knee length pants can be given a thumbs up if you are travelling for quite a lot of time. As comfort is the key, shunning those denims can be a hard decision but it can surely reward in terms of lesser luggage to carry.

Look for speed drying, wrinkle-free, breathable fabric, not to mention the option for a good match of pants. If possible avoid cotton bottoms as they tend to get crumpled in no time rendering a messy look to your attire. Cargo pockets can be a useful while travelling as long as they don’t look peculiar.  However, once in a while it’s fine to have a jeans or a stylish pant sans too many pockets

Comfortable Burmudas

Comfortable Bermudas

Pleasant Shoes:

Footwear is essential and is seen as an indication of class in numerous parts of the world. Restrain from Sneakers, beach slippers or complex designer shoes. You can do with pleasant dark or chestnut Oxfords shoes and even boat-shaped shoes. Shoes must be sufficiently strong to enduring the harsh climate and agreeable for long stretches of walking.

Must-Have Accessories: 

Venturing out in places can be quite adventurous but also dangerous in the circumstance of any unnatural occurrences. Carrying safety accessories is a must and you never know when the need may arise. A Swiss knife, scissors, some match sticks and candles could help you with unforeseen circumstances. First Aid kit should always be the utmost priority. Do not forget to safeguard your luggage with chain lockers. Sunscreens, pain-relievers, moisturizers are all basic essentials which should be carried along for protection against adverse or severe weather conditions.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

These Style hacks can save you from a horrendous experience when you travel as it is a savior from the disaster and enhance your style quotient by a huge margin. So have a safe and happy journey…

Formal Wear For Men: Frame It Right

Festivities are seasonal. Work is perennial. We may or may not voluntarily choose to decorate ourselves in festivities. But dressing up in formals is compulsory. Hence it’s always advisable to put our best foot forward while dressing up in formal wear.

Formal Wear in recent times is almost synonymous to office wear. It is a clothing style highly influenced by the western culture as against Indian culture which preferred clothing like dhotis and kurtas. White shirt and black pant is the stereotype for formal wear. But the irony is that today in some places even waiters have the same dress code and color code. So the next time you see someone in white shirt and black pant do have an idea about his work before giving him your business card.

Formal wear for men is an integral part of every office going man’s wardrobe. So framing the right set and wearing it right is very important. Here are a few things which you need to consider while selecting and purchasing a formal wear for yourself.

1. Formal Shirt-Paint It Right:

You need to choose the color of your formal shirt very wisely. Once you have chosen a wrong color, you have ruined your appearance and lost your chance to cast a good impression be it for an interview, date or an occasion.


Paint it right whether it is the first impression or the last impression. Go for a shirt with subtle patterns and monochromatic or light colors. They high-light your upper body bringing attention to your physique as a whole. Bright colors like yellow, orange, green are a big no for perfect formal settings in office though people are getting much more experimental nowadays and are embracing bold colors as well.

Given above is a palette with 30 most used monochromatic colors. It will serve as a guide while making your choice for formal office wear and I assure you that you can hardly go wrong with this palette to guide you. If you need more help with colors and color palettes, you can go here.

2. Formal Trousers- Break It Right:

If you are wondering what a break in your formal trousers signifies, here’s your answer. It is basically the number of fold/folds in your trouser when it meets the shoe.


Full Break, Half Break, Quarter Break and No Break are the standard breaks found in formal trousers and when you choose your trouser, lookout for the break. Avoid too many because they make you look sloppy. It looks as if you have either bought a pair of trousers carelessly or borrowed it from the wrong person or you selected it off the rack and forgot to visit the tailor before wearing them.For more information on formal wear for men visit

3. Accessories- Flaunt It Right:

Though the general rule is to keep it simple and minimal, there are few accessories you can flaunt with your formal wear attire contrary to popular belief that such attire is devoid of all kinds of adornments.

·         Wrist Watch: to be on time and assert punctuality.

·         Cuff-links: as a replacement for buttons and to add a fashion touch.

·         Tie: because it is a part of formal attire rather than an accessory.

·         Tie-clasp or Tie Pin: to stop your tie from swaying on your face.

·         Cologne or Deodorant: to beat the body odour and appear well groomed.

4. Footwear-Wear It Right:

We all seem to be comfortable with slippers and Hawaii chappals but it is a very bad idea for formal wear. Stick to formal shoes with formal wear. You have plenty of designs and patterns to choose from. Color? Black and Brown is something which is traditional and will go with all your formal wears.

A man’s appearance is very important especially at the workplace. Keeping this thing in mind, selecting the right attire for formal wear becomes important to create an everlasting impression and presence.

Jodhpuri Suits And Sherwani–Male Counterpart Of Sarees

In the last post, we explored sarees from the perspective of a male. This time I collected the information from some females in my life to know “what is the male counterpart of elaborate costumes like sarees and ghagra cholis”. The answer was unanimous. What sarees and ghagra cholis are to women, Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani are to men. Ethnic Indian Wear for men is dominated by Sherwanis and Jodhpuri Suits.

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani Make Men look Royal:

Weddings and other jubilation events require a great amount of pomp and grandiloquent celebrations. When women are beautifully dressed and adorably accessorized how can men stay behind? Men too have found their go to attire in the form of Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani. These costumes give men a regal look due to their refined cuts and graceful styles. Mrs. Vandana, a teacher and my aunt opines “I want my husband to look as gracious as me when I attend a wedding. If I am clad in a saree and he dons his regular wear, my saree definitely outshines his attire. Hence I made him buy a Jodhpuri Suit”

A Jodhpuri Suit

A Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani Make Men look Masculine:

What better way to express your masculine aura than a well crafted Sherwani or a Jodhpuri Suit? Both are equally elegant and are prominently capable of drawing attention and sly side glances from women. Richa, a friend of mine who works in advertising industry backs up this idea. She says “when I attend a wedding or social function, guys dressed with formal shirts and trousers no more interest me. It’s the men with traditional ethnic attire who steal the show”. The traditional choice becomes an asset looking at what modern women like Richa think.


An Elegant Sherwani

Accessorizing is Easy with Ethnic Wear:

 “I would turn out to be a butt of jokes if I started accessorizing with my formal shirts and trousers” confesses my friend Aayansh who works as a senior executive and attends several weddings because of being a part of a big family. He further adds that those days are gone when only movie stars dressed up well. Now we all love to flaunt our style and add glamour to our attire with proper accessories. Traditional attire is complete when you add safa, mojri and a stole to it. I pay attention to all the details of accessories to make my look appear meticulous concludes Aayansh. A large collection of wonderful accessories that gel well with traditional attire can be found at

Safa And Stole

Accessorizing the Sherwani with Safa and Stole

Aayansh and many other men from the “gen Y” are enjoying their traditional avatars and leave no stone unturned when it comes to appearing princely with Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits. Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani have bucked up the trend in times when people are living either a virtual or corporate life style. And going by the trend, this traditional attire is definitely here to stay and grab attention for a long time to go.

Indian Designer Sarees from a Male’s Perspective

Sarees are the form of apparel for women, which consist of long cloth that needs to be draped around the body. Indian Designer Sarees look exclusively traditional and are very popular among women who prefer to stick to their cultural roots. Sarees are the essence of Indian culture and society. Every saree has its own particular beauty and appeal. A lady clad in a saree looks exquisite and flawless contrasted with whatever another outfit. There are numerous mixtures and varieties of sarees found in India, which rely on the fabric, events and draping styles. During earlier times in India, post marriage majority of the ladies used to don sarees though the times are changing and women have more choices and now in terms of clothing styles.

Indian Designer Sarees

Indian Designer Sarees are awesome

There are numerous dresses that men adore on their lady. Each individual has the privilege to make his own decision about his likes. Every woman loves to flaunt the outfit that they think others would love to se. This gives men an inclination to believe that their woman cares for them and gives importance to their sentiments. Most men, time and again, love to see their ladies spruced up in ethnic wear. Furthermore, ethnic wear may very well mean anything that is conventional. Most Indian men adore seeing ladies wearing sarees for the reasons listed below.

Sarees Make Women Look Sensual:


Indian Designer Sarees and Sensuality Go Hand In Hand

I find Sarees fascinating. I personally feel that a woman looks her best when she puts on a Saree. Sarees look extremely sensual on a woman defining the right curves and hiding the unnecessary ones. Sarees accentuate the curvaceous look of women. Sarees suits all women whether on the lean or heftier side of body type. Even those women with lots of flab can cover it successfully by wrapping it up in a nice saree.

Women Look Ultra Feminine in Sarees:

Women look at their beauty best when they drape themselves in sarees. The way they carry themselves in such attire is a treat to watch and men are attracted to such apparel. Sarees render a look of feminity to women and men drool over the sensuality exuded by women draped in sarees.

Women Look Classy in Sarees:

Women wearing sarees exude a posh appeal. They look completely classy. Women also get the chance to flaunt their bodies in style. Many styles including backless, sleeveless and stripes in blouses are hugely famous with women. Some styles of draping sarees like the Bengali or the Gujarati style render a royal aura to women. 

Indian Designer Sari

A classy Indian sari with a traditional Gujarati pallu

Sarees Can Never Go Wrong:

Sarees are purely classy and also and have the quality of being carried off elegantly by every women. Sarees can never go wrong whether it is an office gathering or a social function or a party. The awesome look of classy women like Waheeda Rehman, Gayatri Devi or Rekha is accentuated by nothing other than a saree. Sarees will continue to fascinate men in every way as they make woman look very pretty indeed. There’s a collection of beautiful sarees at

I don’t know about others but on a classy evening out, all I would want my woman to don is a beautiful saree and a piece of jewelry.

Fashion Advice For Teenage Boys

In my last post, I discussed about men’s age and how it affects his sartorial choices. Today let’s start by discussing the most crucial yet confusing phase of men’s life – the teenage. It’s not just the young ladies in their teens who stress over what to wear! Style can be uncertain for young guys as well. Picking a particular style for high school kid can be petrifying sometimes. Whether you are going to school, beginning a summer internship, or you simply need something for going out and celebrating the weekend, you can simply blend and match styles as you make a go of making your own particular look.

From lively to punk, keen to cool, something unique or something fun, we have all the essentials for you to help you impress that young girl who you’ve been pondering over math class.

Teenage Fashion

Teenage Fashion

Choose something unique yet comfortable:

Polos are a good choice when we talk about casual afternoon stroll with the friends. Despite the fact that a tee is ordinarily connected with nice outfits, with a little change you can uplift this piece and make it a player in a manner to look forward.

From the flash up hoodie to the over jacket with a front pocket, there is an entire extent of accessories to choose from. Pull the casual evening look with an ease with a hoodie and a loose baggy jeans which can be accessorized with a cap or a scarf.

Hoodies In Style

Hoodies In Style

Make your own style statement:

Take your pick from an extensive variety of bottoms including denim, chequered or leather ones; add hotness to your style by wearing it in an innovative and stylish way. Wear your waistcoat more than a casual tee or a formal shirt with the longest bit of garments worn over underneath the coat. Refresh your calves with cool knee length shorts. Choose khaki or check styled shorts and then pair it with a crisp shirt and a white, captured polo underneath to get that classy look. Lemon Flip flops are the best match with these shorts.

It is a known fact that Sneakers are heart and soul to teen young men. When restricted to being b-boyer shoes, converse shoes have attacked the style road around the world. These are adaptable bits of footwear which can be worn with practically anything. Don’t miss to match up before you leave home. Make sure to match the clothing with comfortable shoes.


Try different experiments including sporting a rough neckpiece with embedded leather and huge dots. Wear a short sleeve button down shirt if you like the energetic look. Caps can be extremely trendy, when worn with pants and a jacket. A couple of pleasant sunglasses and those rugged watches will transform your outing into an exceptionally popular one.

Teenage Fashion Accessories

Teenage Fashion Accessories

Be strong in your decision. The pattern is to pick anything that will make you emerge and get noticed. Don’t be hesitant to think about your looks. Have a great time. Discovering your own particular style ought to be entertaining. Communicate through your style and communicate admirably well.

Men’s Age And Men’s Fashion

Like I had mentioned in my last post that people in general and men in particular have stopped wondering whether fashion for men exist or not. Instead they are pretty sure that it not only exists but they will have to be pretty fast in embracing it wholeheartedly if they don’t want to be thrown out of the race of life and pace of life.

Today I thought I would write a quick synopsis on how the age of a man affects his sartorial choices. The phases of a normal man on the basis of his age factor can be divided into the following main categories – Childhood, Adolescence, Youth, Adulthood, Middle Age and finally Old Age.

Different phases of men's life

Different phases of a man’s life

In his childhood, a man is not capable enough to make his own choices, and others choose his clothes for him. The chooser generally is his mother but it could be his father or any other family member. Once he attains adolescence, he struggles to assert his individuality. This may result into his choices getting more rebellious. He makes funky choices and his way of dressing is often influenced by the way his friends dress.This is the time when a man wants to exhibit his personality with attitude and he may make some insane and outright insurgent choices.

Once a man passes the adolescent stage of life he starts job hunting or decides to venture into a business and his dressing sense accordingly becomes extenuated from spunky to formal wear so that he can blend in the work environment and be generally presentable among his colleagues and superiors. He shuns experimentation and tries to play safe while dressing his wardrobe mainly consisting of formal shirts and formal trousers. Brands like Oxemberg play a huge role in shaping the stylish taste of men in the formal wear arena.  Their collection can be found at

Once in the middle ages, most men have achieved a lot and climbed the corporate ladder. They are not just well established but also well distinguished and this change of position reflects in the branded labels they choose while accentuating their status and underlining their power. The dressing becomes more power packed to help him take control of the board room meetings or the business discussions.

With the old age setting in, the dressing gradually shifts towards elegance. During this phase, finesse is a sought after element while wearing something along side comfort. Thus a man has different tastes in different age of his life cycle and brands and marketing personnel can largely benefit if they design their products to define a man’s personality according to his age and requirements.

Fashion For Men-Does It Actually Exist?

Men's Fashion

Does Men’s Fashion Exist?

Fashion in explicit terms is the way of styling though it can mean much more when implied to one’s personality. It is the reflection of one’s innermost persona and attitude. It can be enticing and elusive at the same time. It can exude your true aura or absorb you completely. But one thing is for sure. It is the expression and extension of the real “you”.

Since a long time in history, fashion has always been considered women’s domain. Women used latest trends in fashion to outrank other women and appear beautiful. Men who thought about fashion or dressing were considered feminine and were laughed at by everyone in society. Men and fashion simply didn’t go together and women predominantly ruled the roost.

 Earlier a male’s wardrobe would start with three kind of shirts-plain, chequered and striped. It would end with three shades of trousers-black, blue and brown. His whole life revolved around lack of choices in terms of apparels. So there was no question of being fashionable in all other arenas like perfumes or accessories.

 But the setting of urbanization and modernization has brought about a phenomenal change in a man’s lifestyle. To excel in the era of globalization, men have different persona to portray in every different aspect of his existence. He has to be a doting family person. He has to be presentable at work place. He has to hit the gym regularly. He has to attend parties and remain socially active. He has to pursue his own hobbies and last but not the least he has to take care of his spiritual belief as well. So to actually excel at multi tasking, he has to remain presentable in every walk of day today living. And fashion helps him to do exactly that.

 Today a normal male has to make sure that his everyday wear is comfortable and practical, his evening wear is smart, his college wear is funky, his board room dressing is power packed, his performance wear is sporty, his swim wear is trendy, his casual wear is chic, his outdoor wear is stylish, his wedding outfit is elegant and finally his accessories go well with his attire. If not fashion, what else can help him to achieve this goal? Men fashion is no longer confined to apparel. It has permeated into everything from accessories to body care, skincare, hair care, fragrance, accessories, jewelry, shoes, wallets and belts. Fashion helps in transforming the normal male into an alpha male.

Men's Fashion

Men’s Fashion Does Exist

 Designers, manufactures and brands are becoming conscious of men’s ever growing desire to look distinctive and making style statements wherever they go. Hence they are flooding the market with products that present innumerable choices to men. The growing market of male fashion industry is evidence that men’s fashion does not just exist but it is here to stay and end the rule of women’s fashion in the fashion industry.

Fashion Furoar- Translating my Furore for Fashion into Words

My name is Rishi Mehta and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from blogs where I write about Digital Photography, Latest Trends in Fashion & Extreme Adventures.  In 2002, I stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’. I didn’t realize it at that time but that moment changed my life. I’m an avid blogger and a passionate photographer. I love connecting with real people and helping others so that they develop their online skills. After years of research, I now have many resources and best practices at my disposal which I share here with my avid readers.

I own very little, and I make a living doing what I love. The truest freedom is of the mind, a conscious act to embrace the unknown. No, I’m not a millionaire, but I am living off a passive income online. I’m here to show you what I’ve learned. When I first started writing for my school paper back in high school, I was always at odds with our editor-in-chief because of a lack of flow in my writing style. It was then that I realized that writing a concise but explanatory introduction is an important skill all writers should develop regardless of what they are going to write.

Maintaining Online Blog Is As Good As Writing Offline Diaries

Maintaining Online Blog Is As Good As Writing Offline Diaries

A lot of sites provide comments on a particular topic; other people take a step further by maintaining online diaries; some others perform far more by being a part of online content marketing community and helping create content on any particular specific or corporation. My main focus in this blog is towards the fashion industry, with all the style statements currently trending with crafty men and women apparels. Fashion sense is the one virtue that has been gifted to me naturally. So eventually writing about the same and sharing with world becomes a lot easier. Fashion Furoar will be a blog showcasing quite brief articles against some form of writings which are elaborate. Though some educational and fashion sites might be used as sources, I am inclined at giving my own interpretation of fashion. Fashion Furoar is my take on fashion through which I wish to create uproar in the hearts of people who don’t follow fashion and hopefully you all will like its spunky and funky presentation.

Blog posts are a very effective medium to convey a person’s thoughts and I am looking forward to share with all you people out there- my fashion “furore”- that is my interest for fashion accompanied with loads of enthusiasm. But what I like about blogging is that its two way communication and I expect you all to share your “furore” in the form of comments and communication.

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