How to Wear Cocktail Rings Elegantly

A cocktail ring is a ring which is large in size and sensational in style. In earlier times, cocktail rings were generally worn at cocktail parties hence they were named cocktail rings. These days, cocktail rings aren’t just restricted to cocktail parties but can be worn to a wide range of formal events as well as casual events signifying its growing popularity as statement piece of jewelry.

Since earlier days, cocktail rings utilized exquisite stones and diamonds. Most cocktail rings today are made with artificial stones because the trouble and cost of acquiring real valuable stones so large in size, prove to be ridiculously high and at times impractical.

Cocktail Ring Right Hand

Cocktail Rings. Image Courtesy: Benzerworld

The right-hand ring finger is frequently chosen to flaunt cocktail rings since the ring finger of left hand is reserved for engagement rings or wedding bands. Cocktail rings may occasionally be worn on the forefinger too. Since these rings are eye catching and likely to draw a lot of attention, it is in the interest of the wearer to have her hands manicured to a presentable state before slipping a cocktail rings into her fingers.Cocktail rings are generally worn with knee-length dresses, but they can also look brilliant when teamed up with long skirts and dark colored dresses.

Those searching for a perfect ring to go with their outfit can choose from a wide range of cocktail rings. Here are some popular styles of cocktail rings:


  • Gemstone Cocktail Rings: Gemstone cocktail rings either flaunt one big gemstone or are made by clustering many small gemstones. The gemstones used are usually exclusive and assorted ones. Such rings are quite attractive and look good on every hand and all skin colors.
  • Floral Cocktail Rings: Floral cocktail rings have big flowers carved out of metal with gemstones added to accentuate the floral effect and up the style quotient. They are usually worn at evening parties and social events where the ladies are required to flaunt their love for everything feminine.
Cocktail Rings

A Floral Vilandi Cocktail Ring in Gold Plating


  • Abstract Cocktail Rings: Abstract cocktail rings are exactly what they claim to be-abstract. They come in no particular shape which is why they can be made into eye-catching dramatic styles. Since they lack a definite form and do not adhere to set rules, they can be easily teamed up with any attire.
  • Novelty Cocktail Rings: Novelty cocktail rings feature a prominent shape like that of an animal or insect.Such engravings can embolden the ring and give it a funky look. This is the reason why novelty cocktail rings are famous with  youngsters and fashionistas alike.
Novelty Cocktail Rings

Novelty Cocktail Rings with Animal Shape



  • Estate Cocktail Rings:  These Cocktail Rings are exquisite jewelry pieces made with precious metal and stones. They are a symbol of the family heirloom and are passed on from one generation to another. They are supposed to be felt royal and are usually worn at high-end socialite events.

Cocktail rings are statement pieces of jewelry. You can get to browse an awesome collection of wedding cocktail rings at Getting cocktail rings wrong can mar the whole look of the wearer. Since they are big in size they have the capacity to draw immediate attention. Adding another jewelry piece to your attire besides cocktail rings can result into over accessorizing. So make sure that you wear your cocktail rings in a manner which helps you to garner just the right amount of attention and eliminate the unnecessary garishness.Glamorize your party wear with these unconventional cocktail rings which are genuinely extravagant yet fascinating.



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