Formal Wear For Men: Frame It Right

Festivities are seasonal. Work is perennial. We may or may not voluntarily choose to decorate ourselves in festivities. But dressing up in formals is compulsory. Hence it’s always advisable to put our best foot forward while dressing up in formal wear.

Formal Wear in recent times is almost synonymous to office wear. It is a clothing style highly influenced by the western culture as against Indian culture which preferred clothing like dhotis and kurtas. White shirt and black pant is the stereotype for formal wear. But the irony is that today in some places even waiters have the same dress code and color code. So the next time you see someone in white shirt and black pant do have an idea about his work before giving him your business card.

Formal wear for men is an integral part of every office going man’s wardrobe. So framing the right set and wearing it right is very important. Here are a few things which you need to consider while selecting and purchasing a formal wear for yourself.

1. Formal Shirt-Paint It Right:

You need to choose the color of your formal shirt very wisely. Once you have chosen a wrong color, you have ruined your appearance and lost your chance to cast a good impression be it for an interview, date or an occasion.


Paint it right whether it is the first impression or the last impression. Go for a shirt with subtle patterns and monochromatic or light colors. They high-light your upper body bringing attention to your physique as a whole. Bright colors like yellow, orange, green are a big no for perfect formal settings in office though people are getting much more experimental nowadays and are embracing bold colors as well.

Given above is a palette with 30 most used monochromatic colors. It will serve as a guide while making your choice for formal office wear and I assure you that you can hardly go wrong with this palette to guide you. If you need more help with colors and color palettes, you can go here.

2. Formal Trousers- Break It Right:

If you are wondering what a break in your formal trousers signifies, here’s your answer. It is basically the number of fold/folds in your trouser when it meets the shoe.


Full Break, Half Break, Quarter Break and No Break are the standard breaks found in formal trousers and when you choose your trouser, lookout for the break. Avoid too many because they make you look sloppy. It looks as if you have either bought a pair of trousers carelessly or borrowed it from the wrong person or you selected it off the rack and forgot to visit the tailor before wearing them.For more information on formal wear for men visit

3. Accessories- Flaunt It Right:

Though the general rule is to keep it simple and minimal, there are few accessories you can flaunt with your formal wear attire contrary to popular belief that such attire is devoid of all kinds of adornments.

·         Wrist Watch: to be on time and assert punctuality.

·         Cuff-links: as a replacement for buttons and to add a fashion touch.

·         Tie: because it is a part of formal attire rather than an accessory.

·         Tie-clasp or Tie Pin: to stop your tie from swaying on your face.

·         Cologne or Deodorant: to beat the body odour and appear well groomed.

4. Footwear-Wear It Right:

We all seem to be comfortable with slippers and Hawaii chappals but it is a very bad idea for formal wear. Stick to formal shoes with formal wear. You have plenty of designs and patterns to choose from. Color? Black and Brown is something which is traditional and will go with all your formal wears.

A man’s appearance is very important especially at the workplace. Keeping this thing in mind, selecting the right attire for formal wear becomes important to create an everlasting impression and presence.


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