Jodhpuri Suits And Sherwani–Male Counterpart Of Sarees

In the last post, we explored sarees from the perspective of a male. This time I collected the information from some females in my life to know “what is the male counterpart of elaborate costumes like sarees and ghagra cholis”. The answer was unanimous. What sarees and ghagra cholis are to women, Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani are to men. Ethnic Indian Wear for men is dominated by Sherwanis and Jodhpuri Suits.

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani Make Men look Royal:

Weddings and other jubilation events require a great amount of pomp and grandiloquent celebrations. When women are beautifully dressed and adorably accessorized how can men stay behind? Men too have found their go to attire in the form of Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani. These costumes give men a regal look due to their refined cuts and graceful styles. Mrs. Vandana, a teacher and my aunt opines “I want my husband to look as gracious as me when I attend a wedding. If I am clad in a saree and he dons his regular wear, my saree definitely outshines his attire. Hence I made him buy a Jodhpuri Suit”

A Jodhpuri Suit

A Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani Make Men look Masculine:

What better way to express your masculine aura than a well crafted Sherwani or a Jodhpuri Suit? Both are equally elegant and are prominently capable of drawing attention and sly side glances from women. Richa, a friend of mine who works in advertising industry backs up this idea. She says “when I attend a wedding or social function, guys dressed with formal shirts and trousers no more interest me. It’s the men with traditional ethnic attire who steal the show”. The traditional choice becomes an asset looking at what modern women like Richa think.


An Elegant Sherwani

Accessorizing is Easy with Ethnic Wear:

 “I would turn out to be a butt of jokes if I started accessorizing with my formal shirts and trousers” confesses my friend Aayansh who works as a senior executive and attends several weddings because of being a part of a big family. He further adds that those days are gone when only movie stars dressed up well. Now we all love to flaunt our style and add glamour to our attire with proper accessories. Traditional attire is complete when you add safa, mojri and a stole to it. I pay attention to all the details of accessories to make my look appear meticulous concludes Aayansh. A large collection of wonderful accessories that gel well with traditional attire can be found at

Safa And Stole

Accessorizing the Sherwani with Safa and Stole

Aayansh and many other men from the “gen Y” are enjoying their traditional avatars and leave no stone unturned when it comes to appearing princely with Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits. Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani have bucked up the trend in times when people are living either a virtual or corporate life style. And going by the trend, this traditional attire is definitely here to stay and grab attention for a long time to go.


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