Men’s Age And Men’s Fashion

Like I had mentioned in my last post that people in general and men in particular have stopped wondering whether fashion for men exist or not. Instead they are pretty sure that it not only exists but they will have to be pretty fast in embracing it wholeheartedly if they don’t want to be thrown out of the race of life and pace of life.

Today I thought I would write a quick synopsis on how the age of a man affects his sartorial choices. The phases of a normal man on the basis of his age factor can be divided into the following main categories – Childhood, Adolescence, Youth, Adulthood, Middle Age and finally Old Age.

Different phases of men's life

Different phases of a man’s life

In his childhood, a man is not capable enough to make his own choices, and others choose his clothes for him. The chooser generally is his mother but it could be his father or any other family member. Once he attains adolescence, he struggles to assert his individuality. This may result into his choices getting more rebellious. He makes funky choices and his way of dressing is often influenced by the way his friends dress.This is the time when a man wants to exhibit his personality with attitude and he may make some insane and outright insurgent choices.

Once a man passes the adolescent stage of life he starts job hunting or decides to venture into a business and his dressing sense accordingly becomes extenuated from spunky to formal wear so that he can blend in the work environment and be generally presentable among his colleagues and superiors. He shuns experimentation and tries to play safe while dressing his wardrobe mainly consisting of formal shirts and formal trousers. Brands like Oxemberg play a huge role in shaping the stylish taste of men in the formal wear arena.  Their collection can be found at

Once in the middle ages, most men have achieved a lot and climbed the corporate ladder. They are not just well established but also well distinguished and this change of position reflects in the branded labels they choose while accentuating their status and underlining their power. The dressing becomes more power packed to help him take control of the board room meetings or the business discussions.

With the old age setting in, the dressing gradually shifts towards elegance. During this phase, finesse is a sought after element while wearing something along side comfort. Thus a man has different tastes in different age of his life cycle and brands and marketing personnel can largely benefit if they design their products to define a man’s personality according to his age and requirements.


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