Fashion For Men-Does It Actually Exist?

Men's Fashion

Does Men’s Fashion Exist?

Fashion in explicit terms is the way of styling though it can mean much more when implied to one’s personality. It is the reflection of one’s innermost persona and attitude. It can be enticing and elusive at the same time. It can exude your true aura or absorb you completely. But one thing is for sure. It is the expression and extension of the real “you”.

Since a long time in history, fashion has always been considered women’s domain. Women used latest trends in fashion to outrank other women and appear beautiful. Men who thought about fashion or dressing were considered feminine and were laughed at by everyone in society. Men and fashion simply didn’t go together and women predominantly ruled the roost.

 Earlier a male’s wardrobe would start with three kind of shirts-plain, chequered and striped. It would end with three shades of trousers-black, blue and brown. His whole life revolved around lack of choices in terms of apparels. So there was no question of being fashionable in all other arenas like perfumes or accessories.

 But the setting of urbanization and modernization has brought about a phenomenal change in a man’s lifestyle. To excel in the era of globalization, men have different persona to portray in every different aspect of his existence. He has to be a doting family person. He has to be presentable at work place. He has to hit the gym regularly. He has to attend parties and remain socially active. He has to pursue his own hobbies and last but not the least he has to take care of his spiritual belief as well. So to actually excel at multi tasking, he has to remain presentable in every walk of day today living. And fashion helps him to do exactly that.

 Today a normal male has to make sure that his everyday wear is comfortable and practical, his evening wear is smart, his college wear is funky, his board room dressing is power packed, his performance wear is sporty, his swim wear is trendy, his casual wear is chic, his outdoor wear is stylish, his wedding outfit is elegant and finally his accessories go well with his attire. If not fashion, what else can help him to achieve this goal? Men fashion is no longer confined to apparel. It has permeated into everything from accessories to body care, skincare, hair care, fragrance, accessories, jewelry, shoes, wallets and belts. Fashion helps in transforming the normal male into an alpha male.

Men's Fashion

Men’s Fashion Does Exist

 Designers, manufactures and brands are becoming conscious of men’s ever growing desire to look distinctive and making style statements wherever they go. Hence they are flooding the market with products that present innumerable choices to men. The growing market of male fashion industry is evidence that men’s fashion does not just exist but it is here to stay and end the rule of women’s fashion in the fashion industry.


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