Fashion Furoar- Translating my Furore for Fashion into Words

My name is Rishi Mehta and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from blogs where I write about Digital Photography, Latest Trends in Fashion & Extreme Adventures.  In 2002, I stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’. I didn’t realize it at that time but that moment changed my life. I’m an avid blogger and a passionate photographer. I love connecting with real people and helping others so that they develop their online skills. After years of research, I now have many resources and best practices at my disposal which I share here with my avid readers.

I own very little, and I make a living doing what I love. The truest freedom is of the mind, a conscious act to embrace the unknown. No, I’m not a millionaire, but I am living off a passive income online. I’m here to show you what I’ve learned. When I first started writing for my school paper back in high school, I was always at odds with our editor-in-chief because of a lack of flow in my writing style. It was then that I realized that writing a concise but explanatory introduction is an important skill all writers should develop regardless of what they are going to write.

Maintaining Online Blog Is As Good As Writing Offline Diaries

Maintaining Online Blog Is As Good As Writing Offline Diaries

A lot of sites provide comments on a particular topic; other people take a step further by maintaining online diaries; some others perform far more by being a part of online content marketing community and helping create content on any particular specific or corporation. My main focus in this blog is towards the fashion industry, with all the style statements currently trending with crafty men and women apparels. Fashion sense is the one virtue that has been gifted to me naturally. So eventually writing about the same and sharing with world becomes a lot easier. Fashion Furoar will be a blog showcasing quite brief articles against some form of writings which are elaborate. Though some educational and fashion sites might be used as sources, I am inclined at giving my own interpretation of fashion. Fashion Furoar is my take on fashion through which I wish to create uproar in the hearts of people who don’t follow fashion and hopefully you all will like its spunky and funky presentation.

Blog posts are a very effective medium to convey a person’s thoughts and I am looking forward to share with all you people out there- my fashion “furore”- that is my interest for fashion accompanied with loads of enthusiasm. But what I like about blogging is that its two way communication and I expect you all to share your “furore” in the form of comments and communication.

Writing Blog

Was Confused First!!Then Chose Blog…


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